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Our Company Random Orbits Design is operated cooperatively by a core group of Design, Programming and Networking professionals. Each member of this core group (Managers) is directly involved in all aspects of our day to day operation and has an equal say in the decisions made by our company. By integrating our management team in this way, we are able to avoid the pitfalls created by over-specialization (i.e. The right hand always knows what the left is up to).

Our Manager Group is overseen by our company owner Michael Doran, who also acts as our Hosting Manager, chief programmer and main support/sales contact. Mike has over 12 years experience in business management as well as being a certified web developer and support technician. It was Mike's vision of personable, unrestricted support coupled with solid and effective services that started it all... and it continues to maintain our standards at their highest levels.

While most projects can be handled exclusively by our core group, we have also compiled a list of certified, journied specialists we can contract to expand on our services. Each of our specialists has been thouroughly interviewed and has submitted an acceptable test-project or has worked with ROD in the past. Any time a specialist is required on a project, the client will be informed of their involvement and be given the opportunity to approve or deny the contract. All fees involved with a contracted specialist will be included in any ROD estimate.

Our aim is to provide a reliable, effective service to the small-business community. A service that will remove much (if not all) of the burden of developing, maintaining and marketing a successful web site from our clients, allowing them to concentrate on the real issue... doing business.

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