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just a dot Our Portfolio -
Our Portfolio Below you will find links to some sites we have developed. Feel free to tour any of our designs, but please be aware that these sites are live.

You may comfortably explore all aspects of any listed e-commerce web site. We ask only that you be kind to the site owner, don't submit false orders and always delete any products in your shopping cart before leaving the site. Thank you.

New/Upgraded Sites
just a dot Transitions and Loss Counseling
ashleydavisbush.com   just a dot WordPress Based Site
  just a dot Blog
  just a dot Site Membership
  just a dot Logo Design
When Transitions and Loss Counseling needed a site that included a Blog they came to us. We put together a custom WordPress based site that allows them to manage and update 95% of the site themselves. The site includes a password protected back-end with an integrated page editor and a multitude of management controls.

just a dot Senior Pilots Coalition
spclegal.org   just a dot Brochure Site
Senior Pilots Coalition wanted a simple site they cold use to distribute information to their members. We created a simple one-page site that fits the bill.

just a dot Zampa Cafe & Bar
zampa.com   just a dot External Blog Port
  just a dot Menus
  just a dot Contact Info
The best little restaurant in Epping, NH!! This site was redesigned by an external designer (Link) and developed by us incorporating a data port that displays their external Blog data on the front page.

E-Commerce Sites
just a dot Patriot Contractors Equipment Sales & Supply
pcesas.com   just a dot Full E-commerce Site
  just a dot Product Comparison
  just a dot Site Membership
  just a dot Logo Design
Patriot Contractors Equipment Sales and Supply found us through a footer link on another of our e-commerce sites. They were looking for the functionality of the web store but wanted a completely individual design. We also incorporated a Product Comparison module to add to the usability and utility of the site.

just a dot Gulf Breeze Firearms
gulfbreezefirearms.com   just a dot Full E-commerce Site
  just a dot Site Membership
  just a dot Logo Design
Gulf Breeze Firearms was looking to improve their coverage and sales by opening an online store. We worked up a logo and site design that integrated with their individual style and fit in with the feel of their retail location.

just a dot New Hampshire Bar Foundation
nhbarfnd.org   just a dot Custom Secure Payment Form
  just a dot Dynamic Menu
  just a dot Contact Form
When the NH Bar Foundation was looking to overhaul their outdated web site, they asked if we could work with their design company to revamp their site. We took their design and built a functional web site including a dynamic menu system and a custom written secure payment form that communicates directly with their merchant account to insure complete security of all data.

just a dot WaterMonkey
watermonkey.com   just a dot Full E-commerce Site
  just a dot Special Offers Info
  just a dot Site Membership
WaterMonkey... we can't say enough good things about this great little company! For many years Watermonkey has been a Portsmouth, NH landmark and a well known refuge for the free-thinking. We were honored when they chose us to design their first serious foray into the Internet. This web site is completely client-editable via a web-based administration area allowing the "Monkeys" to update their web site directly.

just a dotThe Windsor Institute
The Windsor Institute   just a dot E-commerce Site
  just a dot Contact Forms
  just a dot Blog
  just a dot Chair Gallery
  just a dot Class Schedule
  just a dot Video Demos
  just a dot "Picture Frame" Design
  just a dot Logo Design
Mike and Sue Dunbar, the owners of The Windsor Institute, came to us looking to expand on their current sales through their mail-order catalog as well as better advertise their classes and class schedules. Directed by their design vision, we developed a site that includes an online storefront with secure purchasing, video demos, class schedules and various contact and subscription forms to help them stay in touch with their customers and alums.
Update: Added "From the Bench" Blog

just a dot Cordwainer Craft Gallery/Cordwainer Shoes
cordwainercraftgallery.com   just a dot E-commerce Site (PayPal)
  just a dot Art Galleries
  just a dot Hand-Made Shoes Info
  just a dot Event Schedules
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Logo Design
Our second Art Gallery web site. This site incorporates PayPal's shopping cart system to economically enable e-commerce for most items listed in the galleries. The client's varied services are all collectively displayed in one location serving as both an extension of the physical gallery as well as a virtual brochure and contact system for those services that don't lend themselves to e-commerce. This structure offers a cohesive front for the client's diverse services as well as cross-marketing of all services.

Custom Sites

just a dot York Village Marketplace
yorkvillagemarketplace.com   just a dot Brochure Site
York Village Marketplace was planning to move into a full e-commerce site in the future... but needed a quick fix for their dated web site. We worked up a simple design based on their printed flyer that should hold them until they decide to move up to the full web store.

just a dot Portsmouth Harbor Cruises
PortsmouthHarbor.com   just a dot Directions
  just a dot Schedules and Prices
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Interactive Tour Maps
Newly redesigned web site replacing their initial Random Orbits design we put together in 2000. We kept the best of the old but gave it a whole new face. Includes Flash-based interactive tour maps with sound and motion.

just a dot Calef Lake Camping Area
caleflakecampingarea.com   just a dot Printable Campground Map
  just a dot Activities Page
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Logo Re-Design
We are so glad Calef Lake Camping Area came to us to put together their first web site. We had a pile of fun building this site! A simple design that makes everything easy to find but still shows its FUN side. We even reworked their logo and redesigned their campground map.

just a dot Avalon Skin Care and More
avalonskin.com   just a dot Service Descriptions and Pricing
  just a dot Product Descriptions and Pricing
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Logo Design
Avalon Skin Care and More came to us requesting a specific look and feel for their first web site. We photographed their location, products and a symbol they wanted us to use and put together a very comfortable and personal logo and web site for them.

just a dot So Doggone Good Doggie Daycare
sodoggonegood.com   just a dot Web Cam Ready
  just a dot Services & Rates Info
  just a dot Contact Form
Our fourth Doggie Daycare web site! A fun design that incorporates a hidden web cam page that can be easily enabled when the client wishes to expand the site.

just a dot Deerfield Farmer's Market
farmersmarket.deerfieldnh.us   just a dot Vendor/Sponsor Listings
  just a dot Schedules & News
  just a dot Contact Info
When the Deerfield Farmer's Market needed to promote their first year in operation, we put together a page where they could list schedules, vendors and sponsors. Their first season was a success... and we look forward to many more!

just a dot North Atlantic Medical Staffing
northatlanticmed.com   just a dot Custom Application Form
  just a dot Service Descriptions
  just a dot Contact Form
North Atlantic Medical Staffing was looking to improve their online presence and make their site work for them. One complete re-design, a custom online application form and a change of hosting services later... and they're on their way!
Update: Added "Hot Jobs" page with database back-end.

just a dot Camp Canine
campcaninedogspa.com   just a dot Live Video Web Cams
  just a dot Training/Boarding Rates
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Logo Design
Yet another Doggie Daycare web site! We really love doing these sites! This one let us experiment with the live video capabilities of the web cameras, with some interesting results.

just a dot BeadBush Studios
beadbush.com   just a dot Database Driven
  just a dot E-commerce Site (PayPal)
  just a dot Class Reservation Sales
  just a dot Event/Class Schedules
  just a dot Contact Form
This web site is largely maintained by the client via a database control panel. New classes and class dates can be added via a web-based control panel. All class links are automatically generated and inserted into the class reservation schedule allowing regular changes and updates without incurring excessive update fees.

just a dot The Common Dog
commondog.com   just a dot Custom Reservation Form
  just a dot Dynamic Menu
  just a dot Training/Boarding Rates
  just a dot Contact Form
Revisiting the world of "Doggie Daycare", The Common Dog came to us with an older web site in need of a reworking. We rewrote the site from scratch, using PHP to make the finished site a breeze to maintain but keeping the same clean look the as the old site. With the addition of an open-source dynamic menu, the design became even cleaner. A custom-written reservation form ties into their kennel management software and helps to reduce the time required to manage appointments.

just a dot Paws Dream Doggie Daycare
pawsdream.com   just a dot Services List
  just a dot Web Camera Page
  just a dot Administration Page (dog o' the month)
  just a dot Contact Form
Web site with services list, rate info and contact form. This site incorporates a "Dog O' The Month" page that can easily be updated by the client via a password protected administration area, as well as a pair of wireless web cameras trained on the play area (12 to 2pm Mon-Sat) so their customers can check up on their "kids". We not only built the site, we also purchased, installed, configured and secured their wireless network and web cameras.

just a dot Atlantic Goose Management
atlanticgoosemanagement.com   just a dot Services List
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Logo Design
Web site with services list, rate info, goose facts page, about page and contact form.

just a dot Kristi Tool/KT Ordnance
ktordnance.com   just a dot Split Site
  just a dot Services Lists
  just a dot Custom Order Forms
  just a dot Contact Forms
  just a dot Logo Design
Split web site with services lists, rate info, about pages and contact forms for several sub-sites. The Promised Land Products and KT Ordnance sub-sites, while not true e-commerce sites, do incorporate custom web-based order forms for purchasing. All sub-sites are maintained on one hosting account.

just a dot Deerfield Business Association
dba.deerfieldnh.us/   just a dot Database Driven
  just a dot Business Listings
  just a dot Meeting Schedules
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Logo Design
Each page of this site is assembled on-demand from information contained in a MySQL database using PHP as an interpreter. This makes for an easily updated site by allowing the use of a graphical interface to update the database back-end. This information is then automatically formatted and displayed on the web site.

While initial development costs for database driven web sites are higher than standard HTML sites, they quickly pay for themselves by allowing those with little or no HTML knowledge to maintain and update the site content.

just a dot Woodlander Associates
Woodlander Associates   just a dot Services List
  just a dot Client's Area
  just a dot Contact Form
  just a dot Logo Design
A web site incorporating a services description, contact form and offers a password protected area where clients can view ongoing projects.

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