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Our Quotes We value our client's input, and use it to better structure our services in the future. Any registered client of ROD is encouraged to submit their experience with our services. All submissions will be added to this list.

It has been nothing but a pleasure working with Random Orbits Design. Their services are extremely accommodating, delivering nothing but guaranteed quality results. It is always a breath of fresh air to work with such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group.
Julie Di Tursi ~ Zampa Cafe
www.zampa.com (under development)


I love to log on in the morning to receive my email. Page after page of highlighted messages download blink, blink, blink. They all read Web Site Contact, Web Site Contact, Order, Order, Order, Web Site Contact...

Our business has grown like a mushroom since Random Orbits created our new web site. Our catalog became so busy we had to hire a new manager to run it. We receive constant praise for the site. People like its appearance and its ease of use. We like the fact that it works better than any other marketing device we have tried.

We very much enjoyed working with the folks at Random Orbits. They delivered a superb product when they said they would, and for the price they quoted. There were no unpleasant surprises. We continue to get great customer service. Do yourself and your business a favor and have Random Orbits design your web site. Meanwhile, visit ours and take a peek at their work.

Mike Dunbar ~ The Windsor Institute


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