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just a dot Client Support -
Client Support Please use either of the links below to contact ROD Support, or contact us directly at 603.463.9310.

Support Contacts:
  just a dot Support Services Form
  just a dot support@randomorbits.com

Client Support Services:

just a dot 24/7 "Ask Anything" Support Service -
We do not restrict our support services to only supplying support for host-related subjects. We will do our best to help you resolve any problem we can including, but not limited to, any of the below.

just a dot Virus/spam Tracing -
Many viruses, and most spam mail, will falsify (spoof) the return address leaving you with no recourse but to delete the offending e-mail and wait for the next one. By analyzing certain portions of the message we can discern the true origin of the infected/unwanted e-mail. We will then send you the proper address to which to send an abuse notification.

just a dot Purchasing Advice -
Before buying that new piece of hardware, be sure your not purchasing a lemon. We are constantly researching hardware and software and will be happy to share any knowledge we have gathered with our clients. We often receive advance information on sales and special offers by major manufacturers and many times will research a subject specifically for a client.

just a dot Discounts & Special Offers -
As a member of several associate plans, we occasionally are offered a limited-time discount on services and/or products that may be of use to our clients. Usually we turn this discount directly over to our clients. These notices are sent through our client mailing list. All account holders are added to this list at account sign-up.

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