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just a dot Tech. Support -
Tech. Support A successful web site in this "information age" demands a quick response... from the first download to final delivery of the product, service or information. As your main point of customer contact, maintaining your local system/network is as important to your site's efficient operation as the web server that delivers it to your visitors.

We understand that many of our clients are not in the position to employ a full-time IT professional to oversee these necessary tasks, so we have carefully structured our
Client Support Services to help bridge the gap.

These services are available free of charge to any client of ROD:
  just a dot 24/7 "Ask Anything" Support Service
  just a dot Virus Alerts
  just a dot Virus/spam Tracing
  just a dot Purchasing Advice
  just a dot Discounts & Special Offers

Where our Client Support Services leave off... our Tech. Support Services take over. These services are restricted to clients within our service range and are billed at our standard on-site hourly rate.   Contact ROD for more information.

Our Tech. Services include:
  just a dot Home/Business Networking
  just a dot Virus Removal
  just a dot Scheduled Servicing
  just a dot System/Software Upgrades & Set-up
  just a dot Program Training
  just a dot Troubleshooting/Repair

Our troubleshooting guarantee requires that we actually resolve the issue or the service call is free. This insures that our clients are only charged for successful repair calls and removes the normal hesitancy of many clients to contract a support technician in the first place. Simply put...

"If we can't fix it... there's no charge!"
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