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just a dot Web Design -
Web Design Every development project at ROD is custom designed, from the ground up, to fit your vision and needs. From small informational sites to large database-driven e-commerce ventures... we can design the right web site for you. Our web developers are all certified in their speciality and have at least 2 years experience in designing, marketing and supporting commercial web sites.

Each development project includes:
  just a dot Custom Graphics, Layout and Code
  just a dot Free Logo Design
  just a dot Search Engine Submissions (top 10)
  just a dot Free Domain Registration (1 yr.)
  just a dot First month's hosting with ROD
  just a dot 100% Error-free Guarantee (for life)
  just a dot 24/7 Support Services

Or add an option or two:
  just a dot Database Control & Interaction
  just a dot Embedded Video
  just a dot Multimedia (Flash & Shockwave)
  just a dot Custom CGI Scripts
  just a dot Online Games
  just a dot Full E-commerce Plan (incl. merchant acct.)

Our error-free guarantee and 24/7 "Ask Anything" support service virtually insure that your new site will perform as you expected. If an error or problem should arise, one call or e-mail to our support contact is all it takes to get timely results.

We at ROD are very proud of our record of never losing an existing client due to a lack of service or support. Our slightly unconventional business-model gives us the flexibility to grow/shrink with both our client's needs and general market trends so as to insure we can deliver the services our clients require, when they need them... and for years to come.

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